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Complaint / Review
Colonial freight systems
Unfair labor practices, with defamation character, worst form of modern slavery!

Hi fellow truckers, to anyone who has never driven a truck don't comment, this report is for any fellow truckers who drove for colonial freight systems. I started late 2007 driving for colonial freight systems out of knoxville, tn, as a lease operator driver, believeing i was going to sucessful, it turn out I was wrong, I should have listen to the driver in the days inn lobby that morning everyone been calling crazy, well, strangely enough he was right. Colonial has there own group that watch us to make sure we where not talking to anyone on the outside, if you heard anything negative they would, say that person was crazy, or something demeaning of them. Straight to it point this company should be stop, they lie from top to bottom, try to get drivers to drive illegal, to meet customer demand that was out reach..

When I was not making any money driving 3000, miles plus a weak, I went by the terminal, after two months going no where, depleted my savings, loosing my home and family, I tried negotiate with them to become a company driver, they said no, I told them up front this not going to work me being lease operator, mike barns head of operations come up to me and mike mcnabb

And told me and mike i don't know how to run a log book, I told him been driving seven years, my logs are legal, I drive legal it is non-negotiable to ask me to do anything illegal, I once again appeal to the owner bob mcbride and his wife vocally and wriitten, I don't want to quit Job after 3 months, just let me drive company, I told them, look I lost my house, my wife. It fell on deaf ears.

Well, I got a big break, in febuary 2008, i was coming back to knoxville, due to trucks poor maintence up keep, the engine lost oil pressure main bearings failed, truck barely running i manage to get the truck to terminal, pull the truck and loaded trailer into the garage, barely running.

The first thing i did was walk into the office informed my driver manager of engine failure, I was out my lease, he said not fast, we will put you in new truck, I am lease operator not company you cannot just put in another truck with out signing a new lease, I replied not signing a new lease, it in your own contract the truck is done so am I..

Well, on the bright side i can't mention his name but, I had over $ my escrow account, he said, don't quit yet I will tranfer money onto your fuel card, you can get it off, that how bad felt for me. I went to the pilot on lovell rd, got my money, my things out the truck and went home to a motel.

Sorry mr. Mcbride I did not steal my own money as you told dac services, you starve me, my pregnant wife, and lost our home, we lost our 4 month unborn son, from all the stress you added to my wife worries.

After that they put abandon load on my dac, well thats not possibble the load was repower from their terminal, legally i was out the lease, due to mechanical failure. And missuse of company funds, excuse me! The money is mine to begin with, how could misuse funds when it my money to begin with, the savings account was mine.

After leaving colonial, I drove for tryson foods, from the stress I was so wore down I become so ill on the road, I stop in raleigh, nc went to emergency room, thought i was having a heart attack, the doctor did blood work, thank god no heart attack, he said you need much rest, you are not fit to drive a car, my wife come and got and took me home. I told tyson I have respectfully resign until i regain my health back, doctors orders.

The dafamation character is when they publicly reported to dac, is now hire right, they refused to take off abandonment of load, which my driver manager knows is not true, he repower the load. After i informed the truck was down. And the misuse of company funds, is a lie, like i said the money is mine to begin the contract all ecrows, is volunteer from the drivers and it is theirs when they quit or terminate lease.

So any driver want join me in class action law suit, send in your story let get colonial for all the wrong they are doing, you don't do thing their way which is illegal in some practices, you will pay the price. Drivers that get a chance to see this report of any company that offer lease operator, you are not a owner operater, you are a company driver on a string, a warm body in a seat.

Just as the other driver said, colonial freight systems, is a new wave of organized crime, they lie cheat and steal from you, use you abuse you, we need to ban together and stop this modern day form of slavery, this is worst than gangs and thieves.

Drivers, all can say you been warned, let me be your prime example, colonial freight systems is out for themselves, they live in nice homes, drive fancey cars, work only 8hrs daily, drive nice bikes, off every weekends with money to boot, including holidays and vacations, all this is a the expence off people being sold a false idea that theyre going to become rich driving.

To national beef, walmart, chiquita, bi-los, and food lion, pfg, foods, guys why are you doing business with liars and thieves, thay treat people like dirt under their feet.

Drivers do the math, before you sign the lease, with any company such, prime, ffe, jb hunt, schnieder national, and colonial freight systems, theyre are not out to help you, only to hurt you, drive company or you are better off working macdonalds, collecting social security and drawing food stamp, not kidding, value yourself. Do your home work on any company.

See who best suit you as a driver, I had a clean employee record, until I drove for colonial freight systems. Now it taken four years of lawsuits and rebutal statements, just get any where, I don't even have a criminal record. This company tried like crazy to paint me something i am not. My final statement

Drivers, don't do lease purchase from any trucking company. Drive company. Evil only prevails when good people do nothing.

Offender: Colonial freight systems

Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Knoxville
Address: 10932 mcbride drive

Category: Miscellaneous


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