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Robert Grogan Apartment Locator Service Makes Personal Attacks - Attempts To Defraud Me Of Over $7000.00

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I approached this person at this locator service since I was considering relocating to Austin, I did not know the area very well, and I wanted to see if he could help me find places that were suitable for me. I have just barely survived a domestic violence divorce where my former spouse attempted to murder me and I am disabled as a result of this. I talked to Rob a number of times and exchanged emails with him and he suggested some apartments and we settled on a unit at Great Hills Apartments since as he put it "They are willing to work with you". I discussed what went on with me and the fact I had become homeless and was no longer able to work and with that one MIGHT perceive that the adverse items on my credit history reflected poorly on my creditworthiness and I explained this should not be the case and that would be obviated by the facts that I am disabled and now divorced. Those two things are enough to say this is not my fault and I should not pay for the pleasure of being treated that way as it should do so to others.

Despite all that Mr. Grogan in the course of setting all this up felt a need to start making personal attacks against me, no doubt as part of his nature of being a "Boss", possibly he felt a need to "Put me in my place", and no doubt he wanted to profit from someone else's violent mistreatment of me. Grogan indicated to me that:

"You don't pay your bills." - How does he know who I owe what to? Does my wife share in any of those bills and would he know that? I doubt it.

"You have a chip on your shoulder." - This is in reference to me being upset that a disinterested third party wants to profit from someone else's efforts to murder me. As in I have no right to be upset.

Grogan went on to say that:

"I have been through a lot also." - So this would imply that since Rob Grogan has had it tough I have no right to complain or to be upset and that I just am lazy possibly, don't want to work and don't pay my bills as per him now. I don't see how Grogan's misfortune can or should be used to place my credit rating, or want to rent an apartment in any different light. His bad experiences have nothing to do with me and he is not renting the apartment I am. It makes no sense to even offer such an explanation. Grogan just wanted to profit and enrich his clients at my expense. Grogan's misfortune does not contradict or contraindicate mine, it can not be used to diminish mine in any way, and it would not be useful to discredit the violent things done to me, my witness of them, nor would it make them anything different than what they are.

With all of that it was suggested to me that they are all doing me a huge favor since now I am no doubt a real bad person, scumbag, low life, deadbeat, wife beater, and the list goes on and not to mention that "Chip on your shoulder." problem.

I went ahead and started discussing things with Matt at Great Hills and agreed to start an application and they promised to approve it and accepted a $100.00 fee for going through the motions of what they promised was merely a formality. Once we got further into the process I found out they wanted me to pay the WHOLE YEAR's RENT in advance, a figure of approximately $7000.00 was arrived at and I said this seemed unusual and not necessary. I was promised pictures of the unit that never were sent. And at one point Matt was off one day and a woman from the office there called me and tried to coerce and fast talk the payment of $7000.00 out of me via credit card basically demanding on the phone "Are you going to pay me???" she implored of me in a tone I was not really keen on. They even upped this figure more than once and could never really decide how much I was going to pay them. It really was a complete fiasco and one of the more insulting things I've been through. I'd not do business with either Grogan or Great Hills after this experience.

Offender: Austin Apartments Now

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin
Address: 6001 West Parmer Lane Suite 330
Phone: 5123182611

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