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Great Clips
Stylist shaved me bald!

I'm an African American woman that's been a normal client of the Fantastic Videos shop in Florence SC for atleast yesteryear 6 decades, or even longer. Not just do I buy haircuts in the salon, but I frequently buy item and promotional gift-cards aswell. Often the support I obtain from Good Videos would be to possess the stylist "form" or "taper" the rear of my throat and nape region. I would have this completed about every 2-3 months since it might assist me preserve my hair between appointments to my "full-service" salon. Although I hardly ever really cared concerning the competition of the Fantastic Videos stylist that will reduce my hair, I usually cared whether they recognized just how to reduce and design African -American hair. While I originally started heading many years before, it had been really White designers that maintained me, also it turned a couple of that understood what I desired and just how to reduce my hair... A connection that I am sure several salon clients create. Through the years, whilst the salon used more African American designers, my appointments became more regular since there is often somebody on-staff that recognized just how to reduce my hair. Nevertheless, I'll acknowledge that not all the African American designers within the salon might reduce my hair to my choice. On these events, they often recognized they mightnot do the slice I'd like and might request another stylist to reduce me. Good

Therefore it turned standard for me personally to request one or two particular designers that I understood might reduce my hair the way in which I needed. I didnot mind waiting, and that I didnot request preferential treatment. But this past year, I had been educated that I really could no further create particular designers demands anymore, since the Florence administration were implementing corporate plan. Originally, I was upset (when Iam sure a number of other clients were) but among the associate supervisors assured me that any stylist within the salon ought to be ready to reduce my hair the way in which I like, which when they did not they might usually request aid in one of the elderly designers to help them. I recognized the company type of the Fantastic Videos "no delay" plan, and undoubtedly did not expect preferential treatment (particularly since I realize that I am among several Africanamerican customers they have). And so I informed her I'd regard the salon guidelines and might provide it a try. Nevertheless, used to do not go back to the salon for all weeks.

Fast-forward to Thursday March 15th! I had a need to have my nape region slice and tapered and chose to go back to Excellent Videos! I liked the comfort and also the price. I was welcomed with a White stylist I Would never noticed before and he or she got me back again to her seat. Although I had been worried regarding whether she understood just how to reduce Africanamerican hair, I did so NOT obtain a particular stylist. I thought when she was uncertain or unpleasant cutting my hair, that she'd enough good sense to possibly request another stylist to help her, or advise me that she could not support me and deliver me on my happy way! I started trying to explain to her that I desired my back region slice, which I desired it "passed" and "mixed". I directed towards the region that I needed slice, as well as described that it'd have to first be scissor cut subsequently mixed along having a "Number 1" shield. She described that she did not do her mixes using the scissors, that she did hers using the clippers. She did show me the region could be truly "short". I informed her which was good to get a particular region, but that it must be progressively "passed" in the top-down. She appeared to comprehend and lay me in her seat. But clearly she didn't! The initial point she did was cut large portion of the rear of my hair down, without any mixing or falling at-all! After I questioned her if she was mixing the hair, she subsequently started utilizing the scissors. After about five minutes, she stated she would get another stylist to help her. At that time, stylist Lisa, that has cut my hair before, found her stop and started attempting to "repair" the slice. Lisa worked in my own hair for around fifteen minutes, and that I quickly started to understand that there is a large issue that she was attempting to fix. (Usually, it requires significantly less than 10 minutes to reduce my hair). I subsequently requested to appear within the reflection to determine the rear of my mind... That is after I first recognized there is an issue! A significant portion of my hair was shaved really near, and also the slice was unequal! Thus in the place of declining the hair along after which falling in to the reduced part of the nape, the very first stylist merely required the clippers and shaved off a whole portion of hair! I started to cry! The very first time I've cried in a salon over a hair-cut in several decades!

I'm 38 yrs old, an expert lady who had been compelled to come back to function that morning, and possibly for that next couple weeks, having a haircut often used by youthful Punk children! Lisa plus one of another designers were really apologetic and thoughtful, and decided that used to do not need to cover the support, but there isnot a lot more that would be done since the harm was completed.

I didnot create this lengthy notice since I am upset the unique stylist didnot learn how to precisely diminish and mix an African American girlis nape. I wrote this notice since I am annoyed that she didnot possess the good sense to understand that she didnot understand how to design my hair BEFORE she cut it, which she didnot request aid from the senior stylist BEFORE she slice it (as I'd formerly been guaranteed by administration). I am annoyed since she did not possess the typical courtesy to apologize in my experience once it had been apparent that I was annoyed as well as in holes. & most of I am annoyed since the shopis operator/supervisor created an effort to make contact with me to apologize.

Therefore not just did that Excellent Videos area free the $18 I Would prepared to invest that evening for products, however they also dropped no less than $250 that I invested together on an annual basis. All since I really couldnot obtain a stylist with good sense!

Offender: Great Clips

Country: USA

Category: Health & Medicine


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