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Simple Escapes
Internet scam "simple escapes"

I was charged 19.95 by a simple escapes company. When i called about the chargres i told them the charges were unauthorized, a Pillip (referance number 16865) told me the charges would be reversed. Thanks to rip off reports i found out what this company was all about. I will definatly keep a close eye to see if the charges ...

Best Deals 2U, Simple Escapes
Best Deals 2U Best Deals 2U, Simple Escapes ripoff - promised free merchandise - charged 149.95 and 19.95

In December, I was offered a "free" gift card, if I signed up for 3 offers from three companies for $1. That was wrong - I got tired of all the pop-ups and filling out forms, so I just clicked the sceens off. On Jan 4th I checked my credit card for unbilled activity, and found two charges on it, that I didn't even authorize or ...