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Kaplan University
A Lesser Education

Kaplan University is a very big scam. I just signed on for the first term a couple weeks ago. I am still in the free 5 week program, but I emailed my adviser and said that I wanted out. Haven't heard from her yet. The classes are very pathetic. I was learning the stuff they are teaching in my Comp 1 class at Kaplan in my ...

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Kaplan was the parent school of the College that I had been attending (Hesser Community College). I held a 4.0 G. P. A at Hesser, and never had a problem with loans, billing, or issues with the staff at Hesser. In the summer of 2008, I was moving away, and wanted to continue my degree program, but could not make the 2 hour ...

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Charges $3500 for the course yet i still have to pay $800 for books and extra for other online programs. I don't know what the $3500 is even paying for?

My name is Lisa. I enrolled for a pharmacy tech class at Kaplan University Online January of 2009. I was not too sure of the school but when I talked to the lady that wanted to help set me up for it, it sounded pretty legit. I signed a contract saying I would go through with the course. It has now been a year and I rarely have ...

Kaplan University - Online Campus
Paid all my tuition and fees, and some out of pocket - withdrew from school and received a bill for over $800 - Kaplan refuses to send me a receipt or explain why I owe money

I completed two terms at Kaplan University. I received a 4.0. I didn't register for classes in my third term, because right as 2nd term ended I found out there were issues with my pregnancy. I had to see a few specialists and the baby was diagnosed with a genetic disorder. I explained I would not be attending this term but may ...

Kaplan University
Constanly sent invoices and emails that I had a balance due - when paid in full and already paying on my student loan. Davenport Iowa

I attended Kaplan University (On-Line Program) for Legal Studies Degree Program. The classes themselves and instructors were great. I finished my first term - made the Dean's List first term. The second term - I was registered for term - before classes started my immediate family had a crises - and I could not attend the second ...