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I ordered a bouquet of flowers from Proflowers in May of 2009 and did not accept the coupon offered and just noticed a charge of 14.95 from a company called easy saver. I looked back at my statements

I was looking at my bank card statement and noticed a charge from today of 14.95 from a company called easy server. I knew that I did not shop at a store called that so I looked it up online. Then it was brought to my knowledge that this is a company linked with Proflowers, many people said they have been getting charged since ...

EMI - Encore Marketing - American Leisure - Easy Saver
Easy saver nightmare. This company keeps charging my check card after i cancelled their misleading and unlawful membership claims

Emi. Encore. MARKETING This company makes false, misleading and unlawful claims to induce you into a monthly fee. Upon cancelling my membership within the alloted time to do so, i was refunded my money back. It took an extra phone call to do this, because it was not cancelled automatically. The charges were taken off after a ...