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The Results Group
Ripped off in California

Same song, Same dance. It was dejavue for me to read usacomplaints. Coms about this company. Very cool, skillful scam artists. Convince you that they are representing major companies and money is to be had for the taking, especially if you sign up for their "cadillac programs". Reality sets in fast. When you realize you have ...

Rebecca Anderson
The results group ripoff is a scammer, a cheat, never trust her! Along with her company they took all i have while they live off of hard earned money

Rebecca promised I would make back all thhe money I put into this company plus more, where I could live a comfortable life. None of it came true! I authorized $4700 from my credit card and never received a call back or a dime! When I call shes never in. Im sure shes enjoying my hard earned money. That I could have spent on my 2 ...

The Results Group TRG
The Results Group (Arizona) ripoff: The Results Group didn't even process my credit card, but they don't want to cancel the transaction performed Saurday afternoon Dec. 17,2005. They will charge $399 on my credit card, but I don't want to cancel my card

On Saturday afternoon, Dec. 17,2005, I received a phone call and I fell in the sales pitch of Eugene Peasley from TRG in Scottsdale, AZ. He convinced me that I can make money by advertising for & other fortune 500 companies via internet marketing. He supposedly was giving me a 50% discount for purchasing 2 businesses ...