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Robbie Treese, III
Mr. The Third, Bobbie Treese, Robbie Treese Violated My Civil Rights—Crawfished out of a Felony Case After Nick Abbett and Corinne Hurst committed fraud against U. S Govt

Robbie Treese is about to break his arm patting himself on the back for prosecuting felony cases in Lee County, Alabama, while he is running for the position of District Attorney. The truth is that Robbie Treese, III, made a fool of Judge Calvin Milford of Chambers County, Alabama, and then had Judge Milford set my bond at ...

Nick Abbett, Rea Clark, Kenneth Gibbs, Robbie Treese
Nick Abbett, Lee County, Alabama, District Attorney District Attorney caught suppressing exculpatory evidence in violation of Pat Robert's civil rights

On February 23,2009, in Lee County, Alabama, a court hearing was held before the Hon. Justice H. Mark Kennedy (Ret.) Three (3) Lee County Prosecutors Nick Abbett, Kenneth Gibbs, and Robbie Treese, and a Supernumerary Alabama District Attorney, Rea Clark (Ret) were all caught with their hands in the legal cookie jar. It appears ...