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Orbital Publishing Group
Not sure, I think PublishingClearing House is, Keeps sending me magazine Renewal & Billing statements. Numerous bills at one time. I got six today for six different magazines I never ordered

This is the SECOND time I have told this, Publishing House to stop sending me subsscriptions for magazines I have not, and do not intend to subscript to. This is very frustrating to receive numerous pieces of JUNK MAIL from the same company, over & over again. Thank you This scam has 'PEGGY', from the Capitol Card ads, written ...

Publishers Billing Association
Do not order from them. I got charged by them for $40 and then again by another company for $26 for one yr subs. I called them but no cancellation at all

I paid $40 for a year subscription to Publisher Billing Assoc in Sept 2011 but found another company (1-877-857-4535) charged my credit card for $26 in Oct 2011. I called Publisher Billing to report the double billing and to cancel, but was told that no cancellation allowed and they could not do anything about the double ...

Subscription Business Center
PBE, MBN - UPS -CBS and other 3 initial combos Multiple offers to multiple magazine renewals at prices vastly higher than those from magazines themselves

Both my husband and myself have received multiple renewal/new order notices (disguised as bills) to multiple publications to which we currently or have previously subscribed. These offers all come from the same address but the checks are to be made out to different entities. The amounts vary with each notice, even for the same ...

Orbital publishing group
Sent me a renewal notice for magazine called "barrons" (which I do not receive, and never have) to the tune of $299.00 for one year. I'm supposed to immediately send them $149.50 to keep this subscrip

Received a subscription re-newal from Orbital Publishing Group, Inc. For 52 issues of BARRONS magazine. I have never received this magazine and do not want it. I must send them $299.00 in 5 days to re-new something I don't get or want. Thanks to your reporting I'm aware this is a rip off!! ...