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Rent before owning
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Rent before owning
Started 7 day trial for 1.00 before trial was up they deducted 49.00 out of checking acct. Which put my account in the negative 2 times. Emailed them and they said according to their records i was

Did trial period for 7 days for a 1.00. Took out 49.00 before trial was up. Caused 2 nsf fees in my checking account. Emailed them and told them and they said i was wrong. I just want my money back. They didnt give me time to cancel in 7 days. My family had no christmas and now were totally broke ...

Rent Before Owning
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Did a 7 day trial period for a 1.00 they took out 49.00 from my checking account before 7 day trial was up. I ocurred 123.00 in negative charges in my checking account. This also includes 2 nsf fees. Thats not right to take money out before trial is up. They are after your money. I really want my ...