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SCAM - Charged 159,97!

I ordered a 2 week trial of Liposlim and Cleanse. I was told if I was satisfied, I could order more. I was charged 79.98 and 79.99 yesterday on my bank account. I googled the name on the charge to find all of the complaints. Now here it is at Christmas and I am overdrawn with no money for gas or ...


Saw an ad for risk free trial of Liposlim for $4.99 shipping only so thought, 'why not!'. I placed the order on November 17th and received a bottle in a box with nothing else (no instructions, contact information or anything). I received this early last week. On Friday morning, December 7th, while ...

Consumer Report

I ordered this free 14 day trial. Now I have been billed 79.98. Called credit card company and they gave me a phone number that is not working. Don't know how to contact this company. They are going to keep charging me. There were no small words to say this is only a promotion and you will be ...