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Sirius XM
Sirius XM is ripping me off!

I have been a lifetime subscriber to Sirius XM since 2004. At that time they were a fledgling company full of promises. Now they are unwilling to fulfill them! At the time I was offered internet access as part of my subscription for no extra charge. I have used that service to listen on my laptop computer for years. Recently I ...

Unfair Business Practice

Wanted to upgrade from Sirius XM Internet to the premium package in order for my blind 88-year-old mom to hear her favorite baseball team this season; was told my Grace Digital Audio (WiFi) could not receive the premium package required; but they could sell me for $19.99 a radio that would be eligible for the premium package. ...

Sirius XM Radio inc
Robbed me

I paid in full for 1yr of service and had problems receiving a radio signal. Spent a long time on the ph with a CSR and still no signal. It gotten to a point where we forgot about the radio until the end of the year when they called us to renew. They still deny anything wrong on their side. We tried to explain to how fustrating ...