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Ocwen federal bank fsb
Who knows how many added fees for insurance and taxes paid out of escrow that were never paid sold loan now paying 18% on advances

I had purchased a property and the owner financed the loan. I made a large down payment on the property and before I made the first annual payment the loan was sold to Ocwen Federal Bank FSB. Ocwen contacted me and informed me they had purchased the loan. The first statement I recieved from Ocwen had a 535.50 and a 148.50 ...

Ocwen Federal Bank
Stole my home

Ocwen has made my life miserable. I had a mortgage with them, they were not my original lender, they bought my mortgage, i fell behind due to unforseen circumstances, and called them to make payment arrangements, i was 2000 behind, i paid them 1000 up front, and they raised my mortgage from 450 to 780 month, i was under the ...

Ocwen Federal Bank - Ocwen Loan Servicing
Ocwen Bank I had medical complications giving birth to twins. When I contacte Ocwen to ask to pay interest only, they told me they would modify my loan. Before I knew it, I was in forclosure

When I had medical complication during a pregnancy, I contacted my mortage company to get help. I was told they would help me by modifying my loan. They instucted me not to make a payment for the month until the modification papers were complete. 2 months had gone by and I had called often during this period, everytime I got to ...

Ocwen Federal Bank-Mortgage Lending Dept
Ocwen federal bank ocwen llc has added 50,000 to my principle, ruined my credit i want to file a suit... Need help olive branch

Ocwen has added 50,000.00 in principle to my account raising my payment and making it impossible to sell. My credit is ruined because they hold payments for 21 days without posting and then charge unbelievable late fees. They added 8,000.00 to the payoff on my loan when i tried to refinance then bought the loan back within 1 ...