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Is Kaplan University being Ethical? Ethics can be defined as the study of morality. Clearly defined morality means the values by which human beings live in relation to other human beings

"Morality or ethics, refers to how humans relate to treat one another in order to promote mutual, welfare and growth, and meaning or relating to good over bad and right over wrong." The main problem being with this definition there are indviduals of business's that to not equate the meaning (s) into an everyday practice. What ...

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Financial Aid, Transcript Receival, & Ability To Transfer As Well As Further Education Impeded Upon

I have been a student at Kaplan University Online for a year now. Everything too seemed to be going fine for the most part until I made mention of wanting to transfer back to a more affordable local college within my area. My family has fallen under hard times and with me expecting baby number two in a little less than two ...