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Dream Team Tickets
This company is a total Rip-off. Their site is a complete scam. They mislead you by pretending they are the theatre where you are trying to buy tickets. From beginning to end they are a scam. I typ

I entered the name of the theatre tickets i wanted into the google search bar. Up pops a hot link with the theatre name and city. I clicked on that which lead me to pages of tickets that had the name of the theatre at the top of the page - i assumed i was on the theatre website. Nowhere does it say this is a third party ticket ...

Dream Team Tickets
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I simply got my solution for that Woman Coo Show within the Lender Atlantic Center in Dawn Fl., I can’t genuinely believe that they charged me nearly double the admission cost and that I just recognized this after I acquired the solution athome because it had the actual solution reward. Real solution worth $53, they billed $92 ...

Dream Team Tickets Inc
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Unfortunately, this misleading Internet site has appeared on the top when I entered Cirque Du Soleil-Alegria Honolulu on Oct. 09,2010. The price range was from $93.00 ~ $290.00 for one ticket of the Alegria show scheduled to be performed from Oct. 15 ~ Oct. 31,2010. I have selected the section which told me the price was ...