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Cache Metals
Precious metal scam

The scam that Cache has been running for the past 6 years is that they are telling customers they are buying physical metal that is being stored at vaulted locations in the US. That infact is not true, for leverage accounts they are buying metal that is on margin from a company out of the U.S. ...

Ontario Consumers
Consumer Report

I keep getting these ontario consumers reps coming to my door asking to see my water heater. Everytime is a different story. Today is that my water heater needs to be replace if it is over two years old. How can I get these people stop coming to door? I am getting aggravated how aggresive they get ...

Ontario Home Comfort Inc
Consumer Report

On April 20 they installed a furnace in our home. Two weeks ago the motor went, I called them about this and they told me to get someone local to repair it, on my invoice it says I have a 10 years parts warrenty the company I have hired to do the work have been told the part has been ordered ...

Abid Okadia - Ok Tax
Consumer Report

Abid OKadia is a biggest scammer of all time took $15,000 from me to buy a new company and offer me $5000 profit over $15000 investment in three months. Since June till today has not paid back initial $15,000 and always tells me to call back after 5 minutes when go to his office he will ask you to ...

Waterhouse Financial Services
Consumer Report

Received most likely the same check in the mail as all the others. Amounts were the same, and the instructions were the same: Do not cash the check until you make the call. I'm not sure how they benefit from the scam, but it is well prepared. There are grammar mistakes in the intro letter, but the ...

Kobo Books
Consumer Report

I've downloaded and paid for the following e-book on KOBO: The Diaries of a Serial Property Investor By: Toby Russell. The money was debited from my account, but it is not possible for me to get further then the beginning of Chapter 2. I want a full refund. ...