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David's Bridal

I visited Davids Bridal for my wedding gown and that I may declare I'd no grievances when it found the support or pace by which I obtained my gown therefore I decided I'd utilize their photography for that wedding aswell. Which was THE LARGEST mistake I available! I had been initially told I'd have my pictures within 4-6 months ...

Illegal credit card charges

Individually, I've merely a $160 stability 30 days after switching off the DirecTV support, I had been thinking about spending this statement this week, nevertheless, DirecTV instantly debited my charge card without any agreement (I've never authorized a computerized money on my bill). They've illegally attempted to get rid of ...

PFC Payment Solutions
Ungodly fees, unfulfilled promises and delays, surprise charges, and hard-to-reach, pushy customer service with strong-arm tactics to keep me from leaving

I travel a lot and recently had a chance to go over our statements from the past few months. Imagine my surprise to discover lots of hidden costs and fees. (I suppose if we did a huge amount of business, this might not be a problem, but on a slow month, we had 50% of our deposits going to charges, sometimes more.) Getting ahold ...

Express Merchant Processing Solutions
Powered by First Datat Someone opened an account in the business name and This company will not

A fraudulant account was opened in the business account an despite 2-3 hr calls no would help resolve this matter of inportance. We will file a police report and notify the bank of this merchant. I hope the bank freezes all their deposits. The customer service is in other countries and we pay American money to have a service ...

Merchant Warehouse
Merchant Services and they also go by First data Merchant Services Corporation Deceptive wording in their contracts leads to costly penalties

Merchant Warehouse had us sign a contract so we could except credit cards on line for our business. We read and signed the contract. No where on the contract did it state that it was a three year contract and that their was a flat fee of $295.00 for early termination. We did however sign a space stating that we have read and ...

Younger Toyota Hagerstown MD
Deceitful, Dishonest

April 2012 I went to Younger to trade in my 2007 Camry for a 2012. After speaking w / my salesman Seth he advised me I would qualified for the 2.9% financing. Great!!! When I got back to the finance office she said she didn't think I would but I could have it for 14.25%. I said no & stood up to walk away. She then said ok, I ...