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Fraud and scam!

I just received a solicitation concerning the Playboy Magazine. "You've been selected to enjoy PLAYBOY for just $1 an issue, ou absolute lowest price! And gat a FREE DVD!" A woman on the front without any underwear on and private areas barely hidden. Breasts hanging down in several pictures. This was totally unsolicited, I do ...

New Concepts For Or Otherwise Known As Bussiness Of Michael Hilliard For Healthwayz
New Concepts For Or Otherwise Known As Bussiness Called me up trying to con me out of money, to start a home based bussiness, the guy is calling me back next week., to see if Im intrested this guiy

This guy called me and said his name was Westley Hammerly, said he wanted me to start a home based bussiness. Said a Michael Hilliard is the owner and a multi dollar Millionair... Well I goggled the name of the bussiness and the owners name and it came up scam artists... Now this Westley guy is calling me back next week... Gave ...

Civic Develoment Group
Ripoff wrongful termination

I was employed by Civic Develoment Group in Harlan, Kentucky office #30 for around 4 years. When I had to take a medical LOA because of the birth and death of my child, I was terminated. I don't know how the company thinks they can get by with terminating someone that's on a LOA due to childbirth, but CDG terminated me. I feel ...