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ANC - Jefferson P. Williams, Prize Officer - AWARD Notification Commission
Sent a letter in which they claimed that there was no purchase necessary to win but they want $11.89 to 'secure' the 2 million dollar prize

This company sent me a letter stating that I could be a possible winner in a sweepstakes contest. Prize claim # was 7824C. In the lower half of letter, it stated that I would have to send $11.89 cents to claim my 'prize' of 2 million dollars. But at bottom of letter it states 'no purchase necessary ...

Corporate Announcement Award # 7824C Confirmed funds for payment $1,000, 000.00 $33,334.00 annually or $500,000.00 one lump sum. Award confirmed

ANC wanted me to send them $11.39 and they would send me - 33,334.00 Annually for 30 years or 500,000.00 single lump sum. They sent confirmation letter referring to Award # 7824C Amount $1,000, 000.00 It was signed Jefferson P. Williams prize officer Award Notification Commission Dbyawn WILLISTON, ...

ANC Cooperate Services Office Of President
Received letters in mail stating this is an affirmed letter to win and receive an Award of 1,000.000.00 or a single lump-sum check

Prize notification!!! Anc one pavillion plaza office of president. I too received a letter from ANC PRESIDENT! Be aware!!! It can really seem so real! From Prize Director, Jefferson P. Wiliams. Here is some of the letter. Yes, they all must have the same prize number 7824c, as i got the same one! ...