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Kays Naturals Door To Door Book/Magazine Scam
2 Soccer Boys came to my door and said they were raising money to go to an international soccer tournament

2 boys claiming to be from a Boys Club Soccer team said they were raising money to get to an International Soccer Match. I bought a series of Spiderman Books for my son back in February 2008 (almost 7 months ago) and have yet to see one book. They have ruined it for the rest of the hard working kids that are really trying to ...

Kays Naturals, LLC
A college student came to my door asking me to buy magazines for his trip to Amsterdam... I bought for $48.00 worth... Never received one book. This was January 4,2008. I bought for my grandchildren they have been waiting 8 months

I am furious and tired of hearing about and being ripped off... This is a problem that needs to be addressed and STOPPED! I bought magazines from a college student (so he said) his name Kris Brown... He was trying to go to Amsterdam, thinking of my grandchildren I purchased $48.00 worth. This was back in January on the 4th, ...

Kay's Naturals LLC, Elizabeth Miller, Tyler Pope
Kay's Naturals, Elizabeth Miller, Tyler Pope I ordered several magazines which I PAID for and never recieved... Phoenix Arizona

Several weeks before Christmas-07 my doorbell rang; I opened the door to find a high school student standing there. He informed me that he was selling magazines in order to win a trip to somewhere spectacular... I don't remember where and at this point it doesn't matter because it was fraudulent, a Rip-off. Since it was just ...