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I.C. U Inc
Collateral Repossession

I am a collection services consultant to several small auto finance companies, and dealers in the Greater NY area. Recently, my client contracted the services of a firm known only as US-Repo through the internet. An agreement was reached with US-Repo to take possession of a vehicle located in the ...

ICU INC. Rick Green Tom Daniels 888.342.7737, Jay 866.626.7376, Frank (alias) Tom
Icu inc. Rick green tom daniels 888.342.7737, jay 866.626.7376, frank, alias tom don hall, rich or rick green — they must be stopped. Filing federal suit this week

THESE IDIOTS MUST BE STOPPED - 100% SCAM ARTIST COMPANY - They advertise as I hired them to reposess my 2007 Mercedes. They agreed to $350.00. The repossession lasted about a month or more. I gave them all the addresses of where I think the car was. They fed off of that ...

ICU, Inc
Tom Daniels (888-342-7737), Jay Carter (866-626-7376), Amanda Pierce (866-495-4516), Rich Green (888-577-7376) Said would repo car for $400.00, Bill was $8230.00, Held car hostage until paid

On April 23,2008, I found the above company on the internet, and after talking to a Mr. Tom Daniels at 888-342-7737 I agreed to hire his company to repossess a vehicle that I had co-signed on for my former son-in-law that e payments were not being paid in a timely fashion. Mr. Daniels told me the ...