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Address: 7500 W. Mississippi Ave #890
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All City Circulation
They called and claimed that I had subscribed to 5 magazines, that I never did, never would and never received. Never hear of them either. Claimed I had paid on my VISA. Could find no such record. Od

Received a call from All City Circulations. Was told I was being placed in a "special catagory" because of the magazines I subscribed through through them. Told them I never heard of them and what magazines were they talking about. Reply: "Maxim, Car and Driver..." and three ...

All-City Circulations

All-City Circulations called me telling me my subscription service was running out and I owed them $4.95 a week for the amount of time left on my contract. I tried to get an explanation from them but was told I had to pay $49.95 a month for the next 23 months. Once paid off after 23 months, then ...