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Address: 601 Cleveland Street, Suite 360
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Scam Artists

I had seen their commercial online and usually I never fall for these but this one I did. On Mar/3rd/09 I purchased their program online and they had a special for $1.95. After 10 different other offers, that basically wanted me to spend more money, I only went for $1.95 offer to see what they were ..., Marqi Or Emill Pr, Marqi Or Emill Pr i was told i would be paying a "one off" fee of 2 dollars and would recieve an email with details of how to set up a website where i could earn cash back by advertisements placed on there, Clearwate

This company sold on my details (according to my bank) to a third party, who then, without my consent decided to take out of my account 24.74 (british pounds) plus charge me a fee of 1.5o. I had no money in my account at the time and as a result of which i have also been charged a 35 overcharge ...