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Prime One Benefits

I am yet another stupid victom of these scam artist. I received a package of worthless coupons that were only good for the other side of the United States from me. No credit card as promised. No 50.00 check for gas.. Nothing the woman told me on the phone was true other than being scamed for ...

Prime One Benefits
Ripoff, Lies

My hosband was contacted by Prime One Benefits, about a credit card. He was told by different people he would get different amounts. He then allowed them to withdraw 197.00 from our checking account. We we're first told the cards would be delivered in 7 to 10 days. Then when we called, because we ...

Prime One Benifits
Ripoff scamers thieves

I am one of the aparent many that has been ripped off by the scamers at prime one benefits. I have to commend the artists at this so called credit finders service. They did a real good job on me. I aplied with Master Card and Visa online. I'm still trying to find out how Prime one got my number, ...