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Invent Help
Is a Rip-off

I had an invention idea which I contacted InventHelp about. The manager of their New York office kept calling me for about a year telling me how good my idea was and that he was surprised I have been sitting on my idea for so long. I finally relented and contracted them to develop my product. After paying them almost $200 a ...

Invent Help

Aaron T. Doster a rep for invent help took $780.00 to get an FDA approval. What I got back had nothing to do with the the next meeting with Aaron T. Doster he requested $10,000 to continue with the work he (Aaron T. Doster) was going to do for me. Mr. Doster informed me that i was approved for financing at 33%. When I ...

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In a nutshell, DON'T BE STUPID! Keep your Hard Earned Money!

In a nutshell; DON'T BE STUPID! This is a company that has spent the last 25 Years developing a Legally Correct Sales Technique that preys upon the dreams, aspirations and wallets of the nave. The Company trains its sales-force to remain Legally Compliant while simultaneously emphasizing the strengths of its time in service ...