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Westchester Equity Group
Jody Leeman, Raymond Lester CEO I was applied for a personal loan to help with the cost of trying to have a baby with my husband. Jody promised me a loan that never came

I was contacted by Jody Leeman regarding a personal loan for $5000.00. She told me that her compnay specialized in high risk loans and the I had been Pre-approved for the $5000.00 She gave my instructions on how to pay my first 6 months of payments to secure the loan. So I went to the western union ...

Westchester Equity Group
Lisa Gilbert I fortunately did not send my 8 months prepayment amount requested. The loan amount was to be 10,000 at 6%. They requested I send 8 months prepayment as a security deposit Western Union of course

If it sounds to good to be true it is. I was in need of financial assistance like many of us are right now. I was presented a loan and was told to secure the loan I would need to send, Western Union, multiple months payment up front as a security deposit. They were offering me a 6% interest rate ...

Westchester Equity Group
Internet Scam

I was online looking at possible options to take out a loan due to the fact that I will be going on maternity leave soon. I was contacted by a Noah Higgins from Westchester Equity Group in Detroit, MI, I was very happy to hear that I had been approved for a $5,000 loan and I would only need to make ...