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American World Financial

Alex Rodriguez called us about selling our timeshare. After going back and forth with Alex, his story just didn't add up. Fortunately we did not give him any money. I called the Fulton County Sheriffs Dept to report Alex's scam. They directed me to the Atlanta Police Dept. I submitted a tip via ...

American World Financial
Want My Money

I have been working with the sale of my timeshare since June, 2011. I sent money for the closing cost and for the sales tax. I have copy of my contracts. They promised to me to send my money in week. I still waiting. The website is gone. Only answering machine, no response at all. I contacted BBB. ...

American World Financial
Fraud Attempt

I get a call out of the blue from a poorly speaking individual who can not even pronounce my last name who tells me my Time share Property has sold and the funds are sitting in the bank waiting for me to pay a Hawaii State Tax of $1400. First, all of the advertisers that I have the property listed ...