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Wayne Johnson, Lorddome
Deadbeat dad

Deadbeat lives like he did when he was making 50k a year. He somehow can pay for his condo, cable TV, feed his cat and manages to support a smoking habit but claims to have no income and cannot pay child support. Guess his good life in more important than helping to feed and clothe his child. ...

Wayne Steven Johnson
Aka Lord Dome Connection IS A DEAD BEAT DAD! He has been found in "contempt of court" several times and continues to WILLFULLY not provide court ordered support!

Wayne is a deadbeat dad as well a an all around deadbeat! You don't have to take my word that Wayne is a deadbeat! The if you go to the Maricopa County Recorders Office, enter the recording numbers below and you can see for yourself! Recording number 04-0519098 recording number 04-0289659 The IRS ...