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Finnovative ventures
Finnovative ventures — Bank Instrument Scams - Upfront scams & Unethical behaviour

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Here am exhibiting new scam artists for all of you! Caution your business partners and companions about these scam artists.
Brief presentation about myself am exploring on couple of bank instrument scam artists who utilizes one of a kind approaches to trick, so am bringing the companies and individuals who utilizes various strategies as opposed to old conventional techniques which all of you mindful about.
You may call me by any name as am not revealing my unique name and am not giving any bogus name moreover. In this way, you can call me by any name.
The vast majority of these tricksters shield themselves by indicating some certifiable records and techniques, so unfortunate victims can't fight in court post disappointment of the transaction. That is the reason I consider these individual or organizations are increasingly hazardous.
I discovered in excess of 10 organizations, I will post individually. In my posts you can see the organization details and my step by step clarification of how they trick. Read my clarification cautiously to understand their motivation.
Let’s not waste time, go through below scammer’s unique scamming method.
Organization name: Finnovative ventures
Nation of Origin: according to their ISD code and friends name is enlisted in Indian subcontinent. Be that as it may, not certain from where they are working.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +918017522562
Owner: Mr. Mainak Jana
Year in business: Less than a year
Claiming about themselves: capable to arrange monetizer for rated and non-rated banks SBLC up to 500 million USD (less than one-year old company).
Physical location: no place revealed in their site.
Their principle line of trick: they are taking quick issuance expense of 15000 to 24900 USD (they can give you discount on bank charge, don't have the foggiest idea how might they give discount on bank charge) for every 3 to 5 million USD SBLC from winter bank, Austria.
How they are cheating: Read beneath clarification cautiously.
They generally made you sign the agreement for 50 million USD for bank winter SBLC both issuance and discounting. Agreements would be executed with direct supplier and monetizer.
These tricksters will go about as mediators and they will give assurance for both issuance and discounting. They may utilize diverse example, reports for every customer. So be cautious whatever they show as evidence. They may even give you some supplier and monetizer names with details.
After the agreement they will send a invoice to take anything between 15k to 25k USD for every 5 million USD SBLC, so we will end up by paying between 150k to 250k USD for the 50 million USD agreements. Post clearance of the invoice, they will give some SBLC issuance applications and bank declaration contracts and request that you notarize it to authenticate.
Till this stage you think everything is going according to contract, at that point they will issue the pre-advice through SWIFT MT799 to receiving bank (this is authentic). As there are couple of certifiable non-rated bank DLC and SBLC guarantor so they can send the pre-advice or RWA SWIFT for the expense of only 11000 to 20000 USD.
Now their trick play will start, after this RWA swift monetizer must reply with mt799 bank payment undertaking as per the contract. But here monetizer fails to issue payment guarantee, this is because non-rated banks can’t be monetizable and if someone claims they can, it’s a big myth.
After monetizer failure, these scammers will drag the issue for some more days by saying bank holidays, monetizer in vacation all these stories. In the end they will excusing themselves by saying as per the contract we took money to issue the SBLC and as per that we issued the RWA swift but monetizer failed to reply with BPU swift. So now either we must pay 6+1% lease fee (their website stating this lease fee) to get the SBLC or we must find new monetizer. If you have any monetizer let us know we will send them the swift.
Finally, you fall to a deep hole from there you can’t come out ever. As per the contract they showed their intension in most genuine way, so you can’t sue them in legal way. They are innocent here and monetizer becomes culprit. So their agenda is, if it is monetized, they too earn huge money. If it doesn’t monetize then, they will earn 150k to 250k USD less that 11k to 15k RWA SWIFT issuance cost. So, in any ways they will get their profit and search for new client.
They will play the entire story like this just, there might be some new strategies for every customer. Be that as it may, end story will be same for all. Be cautious with these sorts of individuals you can't hold their back, if you get any proposals from them request them to show the details of previous successful transactions and also ask them to arrange the meeting with previous clients to listen their success stories. I argue they can't give you this as they never succeeded.
Friends, if you cheated by an Bank Instrument transactions from anyone in the world let me know their details in the below email id I will dig them out.
Email id: [email protected]

Contact information:
Author: mmgs

Offender: Finnovative ventures

Country: INDIA   County: INDIA
Phone: 918017522562

Category: Business & Finance


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