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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Lynn Leedy

I ordered a headstone from this company on july 21 2016. I have been charged and it has cleared my bank and have not received a confirmation or an email with any information as to ship date. Today is august 12th. I have left several voice mails, none of my calls are returned. I have been attempting contact for 9 days now. ...
Deposit NOT Returned

Sign the contract order form and ask to hold the check for 2 days. They cashed the check causing me a bank overdrawn. It's been a month since they promised to return the money and they still say that it will take 2 to 3 more weeks I cancel the contract the 2nd day of business, the day I discovered they had deposited the check. ...

Probably fraudulent/scam

Brandefined called to tell me my cabin company had been selected to be the focus of a Facebook affiliated campaign/marketing push in Georgia. "How much? " (I cut right to the chase; nothing is free.) "That's an excellent question, because we are one of the few companies that tailors to YOUR budget, providing ONLY what you can ...