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A Forever Recovery
Also Schmoozed

Wow these reports are amazing. I should have found this site before I sent my family member to this place last month. I was schmoozed also. Had a similiar experience as Texas report. Notice the category I listed is Fortune Teller. I think I may have had better luck giving $25,000.00 to a fortune teller than this place. What can ...

A Forever Recovery
Please don't send anyone you love or yourself to this rehab. You can easily leave with even more problems you went in with

I don't want to write out an extensive report so I'm going to try to point out all of the things done to my family and I with A Forever Recovery, or Forever Recovered. It is a complete nightmare. There were so many horrible things that I experienced and just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Within five minutes of being ...

A Forever Recovery
A forev er recovery scam continues

This so called treatment center contiues to operate in the lovely state of michigan dispite all the unethical behaviors by staff. I was able to get y hands on a employee hand book, and it actually states that an employee can be fired for an affair that occurs at work, but does not state anything about dating clients. The ...