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Teleten Marketing
Ripoff - paid $500.00 for 20 leads 3 months ago. Only recieved 4 leads. I have attempted to contact them every day. I have had NO Resolution to my request. Can anyone help?

Ripoff!!! Please support! - We paid $500.00 for 20 brings a few months before. We've just received 4 brings complete. I've experimented with contact them every single day (by Telephone and Fax). Talked to some Robin Jones Ext. 279 once along with a Mark Brown Ext. 264 once (over per month before) and today NO BODY replies the ...

Teleten Marketing
On June 06 Teleten ask me to overnight a check for $600.00 for 35 leads to be sent to me within 5 business days it is now 2months later 40 non return calls no leads I demand a refund now. Los Angeles

I ordered 35 leads from this company and to todays date 8-14-06 have recieved no leads no return calls. I sent them a check overnight in June with the agreement of 35 leads with 1-2leads a week. I did happen to speak Kimberly 3-4 times and was told Brian Brown the Gen. Mgr. Will return my that never happened. This company gave ...