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Midland Credit Management Inc
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Hello first file a complaint with your local BBB office, second file a complaint with this agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If your complaint is against the San Diego, CA. 92193-9019 office. Here is the most recent information as of 07/20/2012. Telephone number 1-800-825-8131, there fax number is 1-800-306-4443 ...

Midland Credit management, inc. MCM
MCM, Midland Credit, Credit Management, Inc, miland credit online these guys are hassleing - I was asked for help from a 70 year old woman

I intended to comment on the other post, i'm not sure if I have done that or started a new thread now. But Here Goes. This company is contacting one of my nieghbors and her scared to death, I told her not to worry and I would see what I can do about all of this. These guys are hounding this poor elderly lady and the only thing ...