City: San Angelo
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Clarion Hotels

We had a two night reservation at this property, stayed on night and had to check out the following morning. Hotel charged for the second night and said it was their policy to do so. First time we encountered this. Called Clarion Corp. And they said the local property could set their own policy and that there was nothing they ...

Excavation Union Proscessing Centre
Excavators Union Local 731 Many attempts to contact me. Won $87,446.00. Recieved check for $1,945.00 to pay administrative and tax. Contact for distribution instruction

2012 Promotional draw for U.S., Canada and Mexico for customers and shoppers of American Airlines, American Express, Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, Staples, Home Depot, Mastercard, Visa, JC Penny, and Zellers was held on March 28,2012. Many attempts to contact have failed. Check enclosed for $1,945.00 to defray taxes and fees. Call ...