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Kirby Risk Electrical Supply
Consumer Report

Kirby Risk Electrical Supply... Rich Carpenter, Joe Monsour. All BS!!! Received 2 money orders today for 970.00 each, unfortunately, I bought it but from some one else, they send money via money order and ask you to purchase items, keep a little sum of it, and send the rest of the money back in ...

Amax Consumer Research
I was sent a check for$4150 and part of that was for 500. Training the rest to cover what they wanted purchased and told to make 2-$50.00 purchases and keep what I purchased as a bonus. Was then told my wage would be 650.00 per week

I was sent a check for the amount of $4150.00 $500. Was for training the rest was to make purchases for this co. Acr. Then my wage would go to 650.00 per wk for three months then increase to 800.00 per week for the next six months and anything i purchased from 2 of the stores i evaul., for $50. ...