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Address: 686 North Dupont #107
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Atlantic One
I have been rip off

I have received several call from this company they told me they can give me a credit card but i have to send them some money about 300 and some change i gave them my accont number they credit the money i never receive a card i call the number it was disconnected Ass1 germantown, Maryland U.S.A. ...

Atlantic One Info Services

I was contacted in June 2005 from this company and they asked if I was interested in this credit card offer that they had to help rebuild my credit. I was a little hesitant at first but because I was trying to get my credit back in order I agreed to it. I received the paper that I had to fill out ...

Atlantic One Finacial Services

I got a phone call after I was declined a credit card from Atlantic One from Jane. She told me that the last credit card company sent them my information so they could help me. I wasn't sure so I told her to talk to my husband and so she called him and convinced him to send the 319.00 to get a ...