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J'ai acheté fin octobre un produit radialabs à un prix promotionnel de 5.95€. Le 14/11/2011, j'ai vu mon compte débité de 69.95€ pour ce produit. C'est vraiment une arnaque et en plus, le produit c'est complètement bidon. Je vais voir ma banque pour faire opposition à ce règlement. ...

Aw Radialabsdirect
I got the trial product and did not like it so I contacted them to have them not send me any more before the 30 days were up. They sent me more and billed my 74.95. When I contactedd them again they

I ordered the trial package and didn't like it. I contacted the company before the 30 days and told them I did not want to continue with the product. I thought everything was taken care of till I got another package. They charged 74.95 so I contacted by phone which took forever to get through. They ...

Raidialabs ripped me off for $74.95, Withdrew money before the 14 Day trail was over, I cancelled the sample on the 11th day but they had allready took the money out of my account

Please do not fall for the Raidialabs scam. I siqned up for the free sample on the internet that cost just 3.95 for the shipping and you have 14 days to sample it in your home than if for any reason you are not satisfied you call them before the 14 days are up and your credit card wont be charged ...

Ordered this free trial product, had 14 days to try and return. My 13th day had not recieved product called cancelled and they gave me a canceled # still sent me the month supply which will cost my card

I ordered this wrinkle product to reduce wrinkles. It was a 14 day free trial for $3.95. I never recieved the product so the 13th day i called and cancelled. They said they would give my refund back $3.95 this was march 7th. March 11th they charged my credit card $3.95 after i got my cancellation ...

Radialabs/Hollywood FL
Huge scam

This company markets the Radialab product as an ad on websites. Their ad resembles a news report, therefore, making itself look legitimate. However, once you order the FREE sample and pay the shipping, you will discover that it must be returned in 10 days or you are charged $74.95. When I returned ...