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Cp Direct, Cp Communications, Nutritional Supplements Direct
CP DIRECT, CP COMMUNICATIONS, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS DIRECT ripoff consumer rip-off fraud mistreated and ripped off

Back in April of this year I had called CP Direct and told them that their product was not working. They told me to Return to Sender and they would refund my credit card. I still have not received my refund and I returned the product back in April. I dont think its right that hard working innocent ...

Cp nutritionals direct
Ripoff bottomfeeding criminal scam artists from hell, their day is approaching thanks to the Rip off Report. Ripoff fraud business Scottsdale

This post is to thank the consumer complaints, for all of their efforts in helping put these dirtbags out of buisness. Thanks also goes out to the ex-employees of CP Direct who are sharing their info with state and federal agencies. United together, we all have waited for the day that Michael A. ...