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David K. hernley
Threatening emails

David Allen, he calls himself now, lives in Lake Chapala México. He booked my casita through Airbnb and rented and apartment from my landlord, never paid rent. He now lives in the village next to mine...San Antonio, Chapala in the state of Jalisco. He is sending me threatening emails. I received one today in all capital letters ...


Gabe Torres is ALL TALK and no action. He has not paid me for several websites that I proofed and wrote. He talks a big game about his business booming and needs more content writers yet, he has not paid me and it's been months! Every time I touch base with him demanding payment, he gives me a sob story of all his life ...

Complaint-review: Praveen Purena - Scamming Crooked Crook

Praveen Purena
Scamming Crooked Crook

Praveen Purena is a crooked crook. I gave this individual some money because he said he needed my help. The amount he told me was supposed to help him out of a very tight situation. Feeling a sense of compassion for Praveen I decided to do so hoping he would repay back what was given to him. Little did I know this would never ...