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Josephine Gomez
Child Rapist, Child Murderer, Criminal, Scam Artist

Josephine Gomez.
Josephine Gomez aka Tina Gomez aka Josie Gomez.
Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez is a desperate criminal and con artist.
In approximately year 2002 a CORRUPT attorney by the name of Jeff Dominic Price (Also a rapist and sexual predator who has sexually coerced and assaulted his own clients) secretly participated in scams with Joephine Gomez.
But when the deal went sour, Jeff Dominic Price filed a Restraining Order against Josephine Gomez in Santa Monica, CA. Superior Court.
Feel free to easily do a Court Case info records search of Jeff Dominic Price and you'll see the case under his cases. The case will clearly reflect the Restraining Order he filed and won against Josephine Gomez.

However, now in 2021, they are both involved in crimes against minors (Children under the age of 5).
They are both preying on minors and sexually assaulting and trafficking them.

Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez aka Tina Gomez (This is her trashy daughter's name--She misuses her daughter's name to commit crimes) is an exremely desperate old, raggedy woman.
She's lonely and uses all of her time to binge-drink and abuse alcohol, get drunk, and attack and harass other people.
She is currently harassing a woman in California.
She is extremely jealous of this woman and obsessively searches online for the woman and then texts her from SPOOFED numbers (FAKE phone numbers) and calls her from those numbers as well.
Recently, a police report was filed with the LAPD.
A couple detectives have contacted the woman.
They have directed the woman to forward all texts, call logs, and the ridiculously annoying voice mails that Josephine Gomez leaves for her.

Note that Josephine Gomez aka Tina Gomez does have a record of the same behaviour with at least another man back in Arizona and several other people.
(That man has filed his own post about Josephine Gomez, right here on this site,, under:
He did NOT want her.
She continually harassed him after he rejected her wrinkled, old, filthy, tired, saggy ass.
In retaliation for being Rejected, she telephonically harassed and terrorized him.
Then she made FALSE police reports against him.
The police went to his residence and they figured out that it was a FALSE SWAT call (Illegal in many states). SO he then filed a report against her and made a record of this.
Josephine Gomez has a documented record of making threats and then making FALSE (Anonymous) calls to the police, with PHONY allegations that there are cut-up, "chopped-up bodies" at the residence of people who reject her and who she has harassed.

This is part of the reason that the LAPD in California are now investigating her.

It is entirely possible that she'll come here, under this post, and provide PHONY "replies" and FALSE claims, under FAKE usernames.

She has been all over this site, obsessively stalking and harassing the woman and other people, as well, with her outrageously FALSE "replies" and FAKE posts, all under phony usernames.

As of this date, she continues to stalk, threaten, harass, serial-text, serial-call, terrorize the woman.
HOW stupid can one old woman be, to continue to do such things when she's being investigated?
But oaky, Josephine Gomez. Keep doing it, keep going.

We all know the threats, harassment, problems are coming from you, old HAG.
And if anything happens, they're coming for you--AT the least, according to them, there will a warrant for you. That warrant will be active in all states.
A COWARD can hide, but a COWARD cannot stay hidden from the police or the law or, well or......

Offender: Josephine Gomez

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: EVERYWHERE

Category: Scam, Fake


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