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Josephine Gomez
Child Pornography

Jeff Dominic Price, an scumbag attorney in Santa Monica, CA. and Josephine Gomez, his old dried-up prune woman have been running a child pornography ring for several years.
I've seen that, under a different Post about Josephine Gomez, a lot of other people who she (Josephine Gomez) has scammed and stolen from and cheated and LIED to are also very angry and want a piece of her.
Wow! I was right all along.
Note that old Josephine Gomez aka Tina Gomez (One of her aliases) loves to come to this site and post FAKE< FALSE posts about the latest object of her jealousy and obsession, "Teresa."
So, I have no doubt that she'll be here very soon, posting more PHONY and FALSE posts and LIES about Teresa.
Ignore her posts.
Josephine Gomez is a lonely old hag and a jealous bitch.

However, if anyone has any information about how she (Josephine Gomez) SCAMMED anyone else, this post is now open for Discussions.
Smiles, everyone, Smiles!

Offender: Josephine Gomez

Country: USA

Category: Scam, Fake

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November 16, 2021 10:40 PM
Josephine Gomez is a TRASH bitch.
She also goes by the name Tina Gomez. This Tina Gomez is her crappy daughter.
BEWARE of Josephine Gomez.
She's a trailer trash old hag woman and a COWARD.
She loves to post LIES on other people.
ANd she also loves to make ILLEGAL swatting calls to police.

But when I contacted someone else in California who is also having problems with this bitch, Josephine Gomez, the person said that she and three of her friends and family (Her uncle, boyfriend, sister-in-law) have made four separate Police Reports with the LAPD.
Two of them were contacted by a sergeant, because the sergeant wanted more details.
They drove down and showed the sergeant the TEXT MESSAGES from this stupid bitch, Josephine Gomez, who first texted the threats FROM HER OWN PHONE NUMBER.
She actually texted threats and then, when they told her she'd get her FACE SMASHED INTO THE CONCRETE and her head bashed in and so she was welcome to show up for the party, she (Josephine Gomez) then texted that she was gonna call the police to the person's address.
Yes, this stupid bitch actually admitted to all of this from her own phone number (Talk about Trailer Trash, LOL!).
Man, this cunt is too stupid to live....
And then she started sending texts from fake numbers.
WHO is dumb enough to believe her desperate shit...?

So anyways, they downloaded and turned over all these things to the LAPD sergeant and he turned it over to his luitenant and a pair of detectives.
SO now they have it in the LAPD system.
So any time there's a fake police call and anyone has cops show up to their place on a fake call, they can just see that it's Josephine Gomez (BECAUSE SHE SAID SHE WAS GONNA DO THIS).
And charges will be filed against her and a warrant issued.
Additionally, this also involves scumbag crooked lawyer Jeff Dominic Price (Of Santa Monica, California).
He's a rapist.
And he put this TRASH-Ass old hag, Josephine Gomez, up to all this.
So, according to the LAPD, this makes him an accomplice.
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