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Darren Ambler
Drugs/Sexual meltdown-Herpes- Blames others for his actions-Pathological liar/addict-Scammer-Incompetent

Complaint / review text:
Any guy dumb enough and lonely enough to pay for what most people term "Sick Perversions" deserves what they get. Domme's are not Georgetown Graduates. They are skilled professionals providing services to mainly Sex addicts, perverted with serious narcotic addictions like Darren Ambler of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. . This guy is as sick, drugged out and demented as they come.

Darren Ambler is a serious sex addict with personality, OCD Disorder, and drug problems. This dude is as high as a kite 99.9% of the time. That's why he is a Bomb in bed! Now this 135 pound geek-freak is accusing poor Lauren of Stalking and abusing this male prostitute since 2017.

This loser also had sex romps with Megan Bentzley in which the psycho initiated. He accused Megan of Stalking and abusing him too. This guy is demented and has spent at least the last 5-6 yrs screwing prostitutes, madam's, one night stands and whoever else he can get his grimy diseased filled hands on. Then the 4 eyed frog lies and says he never initated sex with anyone. Liar liar your panties with a quater inch dinger on fire! Darren Ambler is a Pathological Liar with Herpes. His main objective is Dirty Sex with Pornography and being strapped to bed posts is his sick fantasy. Darren is a useless liar. He had Sex with many Mistress's, street hookers and other desperate females. Darren Ambler would do it with anyone!

This guy
has sex addiction and low-self esteem issues. He had his fun then bashes these girls on line. When Sex occurs with a Domme then you violated Prostitution Laws. Darren is in violation of PA-Prostitution and Sex Trade laws. Tons of proof exists.

Sick of hearing these sex addicts bitch about they were abused and defamed. Grow up! If you don't like the negative of the Domme service then get out of it altogether. Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes. Spend your time in church or do normal things if you can't handle the life he chose.. Get your mind out of the gutter and grow up. Your feeding an addiction. Of course psychos think it's ok. It's not generally accepted as straight normal behavior.

Apparently Darren suffers from a mental disorder that makes him blame everyone but himself for his naughty behavior, lies and perverted acts. So far it not Darren Ambler's fault. Megan abused the poor baby. Lauren abused the ugly sex addict too! Don't think so baby. Liar liar joint on fire! Darren smoked plenty. I guess Mindy Murray abused this brain dead, std ridden liar too. Nope, not what she said! The liar is exposed for the lying filth that he is.

It seems Darren lost a few jobs because his employers found out he was a naughty hooker. He won't take blame for that either. What a sick drugged out demented incompetent loser. Of course Darren must pay for sex no women would be with him for free. He is gross demented freak. Darren made his own bed. His brain is fried. He is on the brink of insanity and sexual collapse. Sex trade can be a brutal business . Darren chose the sex trade all on his own. He better stop spreading herpes and lying 24/7.

Complaint-review: Darren Ambler - Drugs/Sexual meltdown-Herpes- Blames others for his actions-Pathological liar/addict-Scammer-Incompetent. Photo #1 
Contact information:

Offender: Darren Ambler

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   County: Camden   City: Cherry Hill   Zip: 08003
Address: 12 Westbury Dr

Category: Scam, Fake


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