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EBay & RACC Trusted Seller #118 sold fake autographs of Stana Katic to Castle fans BUYERS BEWARE!!!

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Ken R. is a Canadian man from Canada who is the owner of Outlaw Hobbies website and eBay account outlaw_hobbies that sold fake autographs of Stana Katic and duo cast signed with Nathan Fillion to Castle fans during the heyday of the show every weeks for many years. I’m talking about thousands in sale. He made a lot of money $$$. No one question the authenticity of their autographs. I will tell you the truth they were all forgeries. People need to use their brains. Castle was filmed in Los Angeles not in Canada. How can he gets so many without providing a single proof of Stana signing for him? I checked all their social media accounts and not an ounce of proof of Stana ever in Canada. It's a well-known fact that Stana asked for the person name before she signed it. Maybe at the most an average seller can get 1 or 2 of her before she started to cut them off. And none of the other RACC sellers in Canada have ever gotten her. Do your math. You see a big discrepancy between outlaw_hobbies and the rest. I’m convinced that RACC would have authenticated all the Stana Katic forgeries for outlaw_hobbies without any hesitation if it continues today. The sad part is that all those fans think they got a real autograph of Stana and Nathan all those time but in reality all they got was a fake. None of the buyers can get their money back from eBay now. But the seller can still face criminal charges if the victims file a police report with their local law enforcement. Outlaw_hobbies shouldn’t been allowed in RACC in the first place. Based on the facts we know today, you can’t trust every sellers on RACC. RACC COAs are not foolproof. They made mistakes too. There’s plenty of trusted sellers in the group under FBI radar for selling forgeries with the help of friends within the top third party authentication companies who will look the other way. Outlaw_hobbies got away for so long and eBay is not doing a damn thing about it putting profits over customers. Remember, a forger will always be a forger. They will never change until they get caught.

P.S. Another actor Outlaw_Hobbies forged was Colin Morgan that they said they got in the UK. No proof, just word of mouth. BS. They no longer offer him for sale but if you search through their feedbacks then you will see all the profits that they made off his name. UPDATE...crooked dealer outlaw_hobbies has deleted all their feedbacks for Colin Morgan and Stana Katic that they received from their buyers. Ken R. will go to great lengths to cover his track to erase the history of the forgeries he sold. He's a fan of ours since he been reading our report. By the way, there's is no listed address, phone number, or name on their website. Just an email address [email protected] Who is Ken R? Is that even his real name or just an alias? Some many questions go unanswered. For all we know, Ken could be a serial killer or child rapist. Don’t you think that’s kind of odd for a legitimate company not to provided essential information to the general public. Unlike the other RACC trusted sellers, this guy doesn’t want to show his face. I like to know who am I buying from. And I want to know the truth how could you possible get thousands of Stana in Canada for sale. Where is the proof, Ken? You seen like the type to take pictures of celebrities signing autographs for you at the airport. I understand the money was too good to pass on so that’s why you forged Stana. Am I correct, Kenny? For once in your life, come clean and be honest. I guess we never going to find out the truth. The unknown mystery continues.

Complaint-review: Outlaw_hobbies - EBay & RACC Trusted Seller #118 sold fake autographs of Stana Katic to Castle fans BUYERS BEWARE!!!. Photo #1 
Contact information:

Offender: Outlaw_hobbies

Country: Canada

Category: Scam, Fake


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