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Bryan Sloan
Mice infested house, floors dont meet walls, leaky roof, tile coming up, broken windows

Complaint / review text:
My S/o doesn't have the best of credit so when we went to rent a house we tried to find somebody that wouldn't run our credit. First mistake. I went and looked at the house. it was in horrible condition. He had not cleaned it prior to me viewing it. There was food in the fridge. Multiple windows were broken. when I say multiple I mean 5 or 6. just very dirty and run down in general. He rents his homes AS IS. we were adamant about getting a place so we decided to go ahead and rent from him. we would clean the place no big deal. so we did. my father came and replaced the windows. I shampooed the carpet 3 times before we moved in, (still with huge stains everywhere) we bleached everything as good as we could. As im cleaning the 3 days prior to moving in. I notice mice. and not one or two. multiple. Also note I was pregnant when we moved in. I asked him to exterminate. He told me he had already done enough by putting a sink in and by putting new door handles in the front and back door since there were none at all even in the door. he told us to get traps. we did that and it went unresolved. I texted him about 6 months into the lease asking to break it. he said he didn't realize we were still dealing with the problem and he would come set traps. he did set traps. we caught anywhere from 4 to 9 mice A WEEK. for MULTIPLE weeks. he still would not exterminate. The houses pipes froze in the winter season. The heat/ac was hit and miss in the house it didn't always want to kick on which was VERY unfortunate with the structure of the house and all of the gaps between doors and frames exc. Then the roof started leaking.( and I mean it filled up a whole spaghetti pot in less then an hour.) I attempted to contact him MULTIPLE times over this. he finally got back to me about a month later and said he would have somebody look at it . a few weeks later a Mexican man knocked on my door that spoke little English and asked me if the roof was leaking. I said yes. and he went on. when he got done he knocked on the door again and told me he had patched the roof and ASKED ME FOR PAYMENT! I told him he needed to get the payment from the person that hired him and he didn't even have his contact information. The landlord got ahold of me within a few days and asked if it was fixed and I told him I wouldn't know that until it rained again. mind you all the tile is pulling up on the floor now due to the leaking roof. so now we are at the end of our lease. I sent him a message stating when we would be out. we did not clean the house, with everything that had happened the past year I knew we were not going to get a deposit back either way and I assumed he could use our deposit money for that. we left a couch inside the house. and there was odd and end trash but nothing bad. it was definitely a lot cleaner then the day we looked at it/ moved in. NOW a month after we have been gone from the home, he is trying to tell us we need to come and clean it. He sent me one message that said call him. we did with no response. so he decided to come to my place of employment to talk about this. he was told I was unavailable. my S/o finally got ahold of him. he stated we needed to come clean the house. my s/o stated you have over 1000 dollars from our deposit. he stated that that wouldn't even come close and its going to cost us a lot of money if we don't. needless to say we are not cleaning the house and have a wonderful lawyer. this is just some of the things that occurred in the short year we lived there. I am only posting this in hopes I can help somebody out before they ever consider renting from him. ive been renting for 7 years and he is by far the most unprofessional LL I have ever rented from.

Contact information:
Author: Terra Fitzpatrick

Offender: Bryan Sloan

Country: USA

Category: Real Estate


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