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Richard Houghton Investment Properties Mexico
Fraud and Faulty Workmanship

Complaint / review text:
Richard Houghton is and has been on the run fron US authorities. He is misinformed that there is no statute of limitations on the people he stole from across the US because he fled. It is why he can and will never return to US.

He continuously orchestrates fraud and then pins it on others. He and this woman, Susan Sidwell, were alledgedly having an affair when they concocted this story.

Regarding the rape case that Houghton reports falsely. Why is he reporting it and not some "victim" somewhere. It is a ploy to throw the heat off of himself. He is defaulting on all clients promissory notes and is in real trouble with the Mexican IRS. Many dollars have been washed and cleaned through his and his attorneys accounts and they are onto it.

He has already defaulted on clients prommisory notes and has been allowing employees (Ryan Gravel) to live in clients condos without telling the rightful owners and pocketing the money!

Richard Houghton and Allison Zaner... Not long now.

Investment Properties Mexico is pure fraud with Richard Houghton. Have they tried to sell you untitleable land yet?

Contact information:
Author: Jim Humphries

Offender: Richard Houghton Investment Properties Mexico

Country: Mexico   State: Texas
Site: investmentpropertiesmexico.com

Category: Real Estate


Investment Properties Mexico January 14, 2016 2:38 PM
We apologize to anyone having to read this. Jim Humpries is one of Sean O’Neal's many aliases (aka Jim Humphries, IMFulano, and many MANY more) Sean is a disgruntled ex-employee who is trying to extort money from his previous company. Sean O’Neal has been de-frauding many people of their savings. We have lawsuits in process against him for fraud, extortion, defamation and harassment among others in both the USA and Mexico. We terminated his relationship with IPM when we started to discover the frauds that he had committed.

He uses his mother, Jean Sipos, bank accounts to receive and launder money from his unsuspecting victims. He even defrauded his own father-in-law, Hector Aguilar Leyva of $185,000. Nice present for his wife Ana Aguilar O'Neal whom he uses to deliver fraudulent documents to his victims.

Now both Sean O’Neal and his mother Eleanor Jean Sipos are under investigation for US wire fraud, which under US federal law is a criminal offence up to 20 years in jail, also known as the RICO Act.

He has, among others, also defrauded an elderly woman of her entire life’s savings of $375,000. You can hear him leave her a threatening message where he calls her a “f**king c*nt” and lets her know he is not letting his mother (whose account was where she sent the money to) get her mail or calls, and then makes fun of the fact that she has to find a job cleaning toilets in her 60’s. "https://youtu.be/M6srlYKht4A”

Sadly Sean O'Neal is also charged with rape and statutory rape by a 17 year old girl whom he got pregnant in 2013. You can even see him admit his statutory rape here when he states "Yes because of the time she was underage....if I ever come back to Mexico I will go to prison". (He then persuaded her to have an abortion)


Sean O’Neal is now doing business as Sean O’Neal Life Coach, ICF Certified by the International Coach Federation, in an attempt to lure new victims. He shuttered his short-lived O’Neal Strategy Group shortly after his frauds came to light.
Justice4Javier March 17, 2017 7:50 PM
Javier Camou Borquez, an attorney who was abducted 2 weeks ago at gunpoint in downtown Playa del Carmen, in the middle of the day, and has not been heard from since, was set to testify against Richard Philip Houghton and Allison Zaner the two clowns that own Investment Properties Mexico, regarding false accusations against his ex-partner who busted him for Fraud, He was abducted less than 24 hours after Tricky Ricky Houghton found out that he was to testify and thus Houghton's ship sunk. Richard Houghton is a coward who is truly on his last leg. Get your money now if he owes you...Ya right. By the way, when we say "owns" Investment Properties Mexico, it is a joke. There is nothing in Houghton's name, nothing. Every company he has set up is done so to deceive and commit fraud. Again, his name is on nothing and the company is registered as only being worth 3,000 pesos. What a crook. The Mexican Hacienda, (IRS) loves the fact that he and his architect are driving new trucks, paying $5,000 a month rent, but the company only paying taxes as if it were only worth 3,000 pesos.

Javier was set to admit that he was involved in a frame and cover up paid by Richard Philip Houghton. One of the other people that Houghton coerced into false testimony also cracked and said that Richard Philip Houghton, owner of Investment Properties Mexico, forced him to make a false testimony. When Javier Camou was shown the proof, he too said he wanted to set the record straight. Javier’s testimony would have sent Richard Houghton to jail for false accusation.
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