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Leah Huston
Thief & liar

Leah Huston claims to be " saved " by Hesus & se also come across as sweet genuine. Se once told e she practicedherlying skills for 10 years before perfecting her sweet, townhome southern personality and appearance she now presents as before she began using it to steal and lie her way into other people's lives and finances. She stole over 1500.00 from my mother and myself over period of 6months. She supposed to be paying money back in April and when it came time to collect she started major argument with lies and now has been ignoring repeated requests for repayment by convincing anybody that goes there that she is the person in right and I'm just a psycho because I personally have anger issues with bood faced liars so she knows which buttons to push on me to get me spooled up and angry and then when she is finished I'm ready to assault her because she sits back so entitled and self satisfied because she knows I appear to be the jerk in situation. And I catch her in her bold face lies everytime but because she remains calm and conniving I cannot resist my immediate urge to get on her face and usually must be muscled out b4 I go too far and grab her. Do not fall for her sweet and unassuming appearance she is a calculating sociopath that claims to have found. Religion but only.ises that as part of her phony facade. She will take everything from people she can get her hands on and when it causes them to lose there homes or to be unable to support themselves because like me they live without savings and only have the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle literally. She will hide behind her cave creek residence, the local cops and her phony outer appearance and never return anytime not even to an 86yr old lady that has no where to turn for help and has no idea where she is going to live once foreclosure is complete. She is no Christian she is not even decent human so beware she thinks she is entitled to take all the cash she can get her greedy hands on and has no concern for the damages she has done and continues to do. She is mo more evil than the people that own their real authentic selves like criminals. She is a nasty whore that uses her outward appearance and nymphomaniac sociopathic inner self to manipulate men that are not smart enough to see her for what she is and women who give everyone benefit of doubt and hope people will be honest and have some authenticity but she has nothing genuine or decent about her and if you believe her lies and buy her innocent act that will be a mistake and she will.tob you blind then pretend she hasn't done a thing wrong. Nasty women

Offender: Leah Huston

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Cave creek   ZIP: 85331
Address: 3101 e. Lazy lizard lane

Category: People


October 29, 2021 10:01 AM
UPDATE** Recieved a text from L.H. stating she would pay me whole $100 yesterday and she act like I should be grateful for 1/15 the amount she owes. This sociopathic bitvh had balls to some comment on how friends dont keep track of the amount of money they spend on others. Which is offensive and the balls on this bitch never cease 2 amaze me. I not keep track of the actual gifts I gave her or groceries and meals I bought for her and her mother, who is truely genuine and sweet & suffers from dementia as well. This botched balls to even suggest the money she owes me is even related to anything I did out of friendship and generosity.she only got a run down of her debt since Its been over 5mibths since she supposed to pay debts back and I knew she going 2say it is some made up number I came up with so I was ready with the breakdown of 6monthsempty promises by her 2 pay the ever growing debt which I asked her to hold so I could get paid when I needed it and once to assist me in not nickle and diming it down to zero before I could use it for my moms monthly mortgage payment at the time I needed to help her with a month. I ate shit and try 2 act grateful but yet the money not show up and it been almost 32 hours since I recieved message..I think she just trying to get some kind of message for future if I take her to small claims so she can try 2 say it was paid or something. She must think I'm an idiot. But if anybody knows the nature of sociopaths then I realize their only concern is to keep the facade of who they want others to think that they are and reputation means everything to these evil but jobs that why she spent 1p bgg year learning how to look others in eyes while she spewing disgusting lies and never flinching , not even if called out. When somebody challenge their truths they just modify the story slightly, never flinching or showing any signs of being caught and then continue to adapt the story 2 fit the facts with each lie they caught in so this same behavior. I'm well aware of this by both Leah's own admission of how long. She spent learning her genius level lying skills and mu ex bf that was a textbook sociopath and knowing how important his image was for him to maintain.

I'm doing my best to keep smiling wh I'll e having to eat shit for this tiny amount of her debt but it's hard cuz I hate cowards, liars and thieves and this bitch trying my patience to say least. She nut job if she thinks her wealth ass lecture on true friends means anything to me or absolve her of her actual crimes and debts but just to update things so I'm not called out for some other shit like slander when I tell only truths and facts - I will give credit where it due but this bitch not understand words are worthless from her and I only base my opinions and truths on the facts and actions so if she pay anything I'll put that into this bin board as an update but still awaiting the actual payment and if she think that gonna cover 1500.00 with the 100.00 she stole from my mom then she surely mistaken. I'd better get my "last attempt to recover debts" letter ready to mail so I can take her to small claims for my money . Just need her to pay my moms back b4 I do it s ok I dont give her any other reason to change her story and withhold the small amount towards her total debt she says she going to pay back.
.sure she is paying it back.we will see if she can let the WHOLE 100 towards her total of almost 1500 she owes me...haha lol. She is so audacious it is offensive
that help me isn't in with with her..fingers crossed this bitch drop off this cash she barely able to let go of so I can get going forward with my life and small claims case if I'm go UK ng to sue her now too
That's a decision for a later date to be made and until I decide whether I feel like it worth it, I'll have to get this first 100 payment I my possession and keep smiling and pretending I'm grateful. Gosh I really hate eating shit 4lowlifes
November 02, 2021 05:17 PM
Leah Hutson ….. you are a thief , and a dare you borrow money from a poor old lady. Yet alone her children or. You should be ashamed of yourself. Pay the child back the money you borrowed you mooch !!!!!! PAY abackthe money you owe scumbag. Bitch.who do you think you are Leah ?????? You are no better than any one , you should pay 1500 plus another fifteen hundred plus interest . An old lady is starving and it is bad Karma on your part not to pay the moneys owed . How dare you rip off thief pay the money you borrowed back ASAP .what makes you so special you whore, I hope she takes you to small claims court and sues your nasty ass. I can’t stand people like you who take A vantage of other people. This poor lady has enough stress in her life worrying about her home being foreclosed. And you have her money to make her house payment how would you like it if someone did that to you. You need to pay back more than $100 pay it all back now. And whoever wrote this complaint don’t loan her any more money. She isn’t worth all the drama an she is not worth getting upset over .She should just pay the money tell her to borrow it from somebody else and pay you back.Leah they say you are a liar an a thief pay back the money now.your lucky your ass hasn’t been beat yet. Gosh this really bothers me to see elders disrespected . Leah you are scum. Friend or no friend, you borrowed the monies now pay the money back Leah.and yes sue her ass take her to court, you will win . That would be nice for the mom . The judge will throw a hammer at you Leah You big fat lying thief….
November 03, 2021 01:36 PM
Well sounds to me the lady they speak of, needs to practice paying people back . I’ve always thought if you loan money , it needs to be payed back . Especially when you know the person, knows you know the situation, and agreements made . I sure hope she pays back every dime . They say she is a mother herself . And not a woman of her word, So she should pay it all back. She can take out a loan and pay you back,. Unless she borrowed the money with no intention of paying it back. I would hope not , because that is very un cool ., I’d be upset myself. And taking her to court , you will win . And then some . Good luck , I hope the little baby liar Pays mom back.
November 04, 2021 12:11 AM
Hey how’s it going?
Leah pay the money back now
Robbing a old lady
Not cool
You owe 1500
You need to pay more than 100
You are six months over due Leah.
You liar and thief
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