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Teresa Arasheben
Teresa Arasheben Likes To Make FALSE Accusations!

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Teresa Arasheben has come onto this terrible website to make horrific accusations against her child's father and talk trash on her OWN DAUGHTER. She has a long criminal history and made a long sob story about how she was a criminal to try to provide for her daughter and another baby she had after her daughter, but her criminal history continued even after her children were out of her care. Teresa will always see herself as the VICTIM rather than taking accountability for her atrocious actions and think she is better than everyone, even though she has not contributed to society in any positive manner as ann adult!!!

Complaint-review: Teresa Arasheben - Teresa Arasheben Likes To Make FALSE Accusations!. Photo #1 
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Offender: Teresa Arasheben

Country: USA   State: California

Category: People


September 14, 2021 10:13 AM
Josephine Gomez and Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price are child killers who stalk and harass people.
Josephine Gomez, show your face, COWARDLY OLD WOMAN.
We all know you murdered your son when he was a helpless kid.
So shut the hell up, Loser.
September 14, 2021 5:08 PM
Josephine Gomez,'Again, none of here are "Teresa."

What's your obsession with her?
Can't be her?
Can't have the blessings she has?
Can't have the love she has?
Can't be have the courage, class, dignity she has?

You're a sad, sorry, hopeless freak.

Keep posting all you want, it just goes further in showing everyone what a sorry little bitch you are.

And talk about narcissism,
YOU'RE the toxic narcissist.

What's wrong, that sexual predator isn't giving you the attention you so desperately need?
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