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Mistress Lauren
Mistress Lauren of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress lauren ripped me off big time. Booked an appointment with her when I visited philadelphia to see her and I was pretty stoked.
Granted I didn't expect much as I was visiting Philly and im from NYC where the doms are hot but DAMN! What a deceitful  scam. What a lie. I was expecting a hot 6/7 and I was greeted by a low 3 that looks like she ate the woman in the pictures on her website. Not like those are that great anyway but I know I can't compare new York to philly. I could barely tell it was her. Maybe
The pix are 10 years and 40 pounds ago I guess. Her biceps were the size of most girls' thighs. And don't get me started on her cottage cheese looking cellulite legs. Her hair was a rats nest  mess, pimply gross skin  and she looked high. Definitely not what I was expecting $250 to buy, or  for a girl in this kinda biz AT ALL.   She should be sitting on her you know what all day in an office like she looks, not trying to squeeze into corsets. I didn't realize cows wear leather, how gnarly.

I was pissed. Really pissed.
What a rip off. And I had to rent a car just to get out to meet her in the middle of nowhere "germantown".
The place smelled big time of cat piss and I could hear a dog barking real loud and it wouldn't stop even with her yelling at it. I was so livid. Figured id swallow the cash for the car rental and I kindly asked for my $50 deposit back. She scoffed at me  and demanded the other $200 whether I was gonna do the session or not. I laughed and told her shes a lying scam artist and to get real.
All in all out total $175 total. I reported her to venmo and amazon as that's how she asks for her deposits to scam and steal.
Did some research (wish I did this before I booked session)  and allegedly she has a history of doing stuff like this and harassing and stalking her ex clients she sleeps with and other sex workers, crazy lying and gossiping, stealing and has  alleged drug problems too from what I've seen. Oof. I might have been ripped off but I guess it coulda been much worse.
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Offender: Mistress Lauren

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Philadelphia

Category: People


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