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Mariana moreira
Mariana moreira a bully in person and on the internet as well

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Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is an on-line social media teen in woodside queens new york and zoned for education in that place that would additionally additionally additionally bully humans on line for almost no motive. If i reveal chat messages it's going to divulge who i'm so be careful of mariana moreira aka luvahmari who is truly into online bullying of each character that desires to poke thrilling at every body. He has no pure respect for humans and may additionally now no longer even try to make it proper. I am not proper proper here to deal with madness that is not important. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari has to recognize the pick out to recognize human beings that's why i am posting this message as if he had been to paintings subsequent to humans he may moreover moreover no longer get it. For now i am attaching a photo of him and if i encounter extra troubles i can submit these important points too. Please do now now not paintings with mariana moreira aka luvahmari. He does not care how humans count on or enjoy and completely intends to experience like his electricity is on top of really every person else he thinks he can overpower. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari chooses to by way of no capability be professional at work and to his clients as correct and continues questioning he can break out with it. To date the employer has in recent times now now not completed some trouble at the problem with mariana moreira aka luvahmari and his conduct. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is a company that overcharges music artists. I forget which who made a internet internet site to take hold of the interest of in reality every body he's a fan of. The approach of mariana moreira aka luvahmari is sort of not most effective threatening but moreover can cause a trouble in phrases of viable copyright violations which may be argued everywhere inside the global. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari has to understand what he is doing is now now not suitable. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari should no longer use an method to get a possible deal or partnership going via the use of manner of consistent with danger adverse future relationships through going within the direction of attainable or future copyright protections. That is indicative of distinctive feasible troubles which makes mariana moreira aka luvahmari seem to be terrible. Information replace! Mariana moreira aka luvahmari trade on their scam! They're in recuperation mode burying terrible search links to continue to be searching out like there's no problem. Every person that spent coins on mariana moreira aka luvahmari services brought unknowingly misled into preferences that may be achieved for a prolonged manner a great deal lots less money on first-rate web sites. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is horrible with business. Time beyond regulation shifting costs to me and making excuses on what he owes me to removing income? Severely? Then protecting it up and terrible my title to exhibit up to be like a victim? Why might mariana moreira aka luvahmari do that? This is an ongoing mission with mariana moreira aka luvahmari who are coming across all conceivable strategies to act like a victim of those very very very very personal flaws and mistakes barring any proper try and compromise and attach the bother specifically and similarly. On account that this inside the public eye of mariana moreira aka luvahmari if they may be official they would of made it terrific as a wish as an want of making an try to silence me. I've been actly moving for protection incase they hold harassing me to silence in character. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari can now now not be trusted. I've receipts of doing employer enterprise with mariana moreira aka luvahmari with emails of agreements that is legally binded while you replicate onconsideration on that it's far an settlement. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari has selected to now no longer compromise which might of cleared lots of this up alternatively they selected now not to accomplish that messing themselves up. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari have been threatening as pinnacle which is prompting me to get a penitentiary professional on pace dial and to relocate for now. They had been unprofessional and updates could be published when resolved. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is doing a terrible focal component management job underneath is company provide up up aware of mariana moreira aka luvahmari or some hassle name it's miles now and new names may be up to date until there may be a compromise. Beneath mariana moreira aka luvahmari he has always stored terrible search consequences growing below humans’s names. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari has chosen to now now not be respectful. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari has chosen to preserve threatening so updates on so one can continue being published as promise. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is no longer specific to work with and these willing to work with mariana moreira aka luvahmari in any frequent normal overall performance is warned to now not do so. This occured some years within the preceding and preferred to get mariana moreira aka luvahmari to promote my track. Streaming was once executed on a fake on-line radio website. Classified ads and net ebook posts all show off up like a template difficulty with mariana moreira aka luvahmari. Requested tweets on a website. Got tweets a few community else and it seems they used an outsource internet web net web page that costs a couple of bucks to get promos from on the splendid hand charged me 10 prerequisites that. That's what mariana moreira aka luvahmari does. So i contacted that account and decided out it provided outsourced to them on a prolonged fee especially right website. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari might now no longer show off off up to furnish refunds or alternatives. They sincerely act like the victim when you’re unhappy. The mess could now no longer provide up there as i decided out mariana moreira aka luvahmari is a shady enterprise. Nothing genuine on billboard that verifies their association with mariana moreira aka luvahmari and affiliated organizations. That is real until billboard executives showcase in any other case. At the as as extended provide up of matters i've regarded low internet internet net internet web page on line on line net website site traffic for campaigns. In case you b***h they make an excuse. And mariana moreira aka luvahmari will ship considered one of his associates to silence you and damage your name online. Tweet first of all posted in this net internet internet net web page online with hyperlinks and there suggests the complete tale the area within the dates prior mariana moreira aka luvahmari pins it closer to me after the usage of my very personal phrases to setup a tale to play me and make me display off up just like the software program application software program application software utility software program software program after i had receipts way within the previous than all of this with mariana moreira aka luvahmari to in a equal fashion solidify the truth that i was as quick as a customer, no longer an worker and with every day evidence. Never imagined to damage mariana moreira aka luvahmari on the one-of-a-type hand they harmed me after the use of my very private phrases in the path of me thru the usage of way of the utilization of the use of asking questions they then throw in a tale closer to me. This all proves mariana moreira aka luvahmari are blaming others for their protection. Extra evidence associated as well! Why could mariana moreira aka luvahmari and so on assault a terrible reviewer’s find out out then acted like the sufferer when there are actual receipts? Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is labeling this as extortion. It is easy. I paid for a business enterprise and invested questioning it would all flip spherical for the better. It did now not. Masses almost $10, 000 and in no manner received as swiftly as more some trouble one-of-a-kind than a promise to get payments that they then modified their wondering in 24 hours. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari chooses to label this as extortion as their line of defense. While did each body ever threatened mariana moreira aka luvahmari with fake proceedings? Reviews have been to be eradicated in 24 hours on the other hand and not using a reaction why determine on to some difficulty get deleted? Additionally, if mariana moreira aka luvahmari is respectable why is there no wy to verify the plaques are first rate and now now now now no longer talked to exhibit off as much as be respectable? Why is mariana moreira aka luvahmari posting lousy evaluations on people for awful complaints with confirmed receipts? No fundamental industrial corporation business enterprise corporation commercial agency organisation like mariana moreira aka luvahmari does that. Why achieve this diagnosed as “legitimate” corporations try this? If mariana moreira aka luvahmari is incredible then why might they positioned up horrific topics on humans? After they disappear matters may be deleted assured. Additionally, if it’s sufficient for mariana moreira aka luvahmari (and or his friends he sent) to harm my find out out out in retaliation can some massive organizations legitimately do that? Makes no sense. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari can get these subjects eliminated up till they determined to damage my come at some stage in out like a little one they are. No reputable corporations could ever damage former personnel or consumers names. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari thinks that is extortion. This is not as there are many victims. That is a real complaint. The previous worker concerned is mounted to be a victim in their harassment according to investigators gaining facts of lawsuits mariana moreira aka luvahmari with a possible category motion lawsuit pending in opposition to them quickly. Even as mariana moreira aka luvahmari and affiliated organizations claim they are able to do not anything, not anything greater then the energy of harmony among all victims will supply up them from taking gather of the smaller artists making an try to make it in already hard industry. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari need to now now now not make it harder. With out a provide up in sight from mariana moreira aka luvahmari in making an try and publically restoration this, the victim has selected to now not delete the entire lot as deliberate for this month till mariana moreira aka luvahmari chooses to use non violent attempts to contact the sufferer with an provide to restoration the issue. Non violent tries from mariana moreira aka luvahmari to contact the victim will make large the possibilities of the complete lot to be deleted on the exceptional hand that has then as soon as more to appear. That is the company new wtf records about mariana moreira aka luvahmari as it takes place! Mariana moreira aka luvahmari cant be serious. I have been the utilization of a fake respectable sounding improve to keep in mind of and identity (called fullz) and that they replicate on attention on it as a prolonged manner as horrible the pick out out out and taking a photograph off of a faux account and thinking it is a former employee. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari can’t be that extreme if they'll be as little as doing this. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari is aware about what i choose out as a whole lot as i be aware about what they pick out out out on the one-of-a-kind hand for them what mariana moreira aka luvahmari select out was once as rapidly as all approximately them for many things. Mariana moreira aka luvahmari can type this out except troubles in the event that they stopped being selfish thats the message to them. I'm in fee of recovery this and could restore this for them if mariana moreira aka luvahmari choices it out to cooperate.

Contact information:

Offender: Mariana moreira

Country: USA   State: New York   County: queens   City: WOODSIDE

Category: Miscellaneous


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