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I met Phillip in 2009 I was 23, we met when i was on an interview at a restaurant. He introduced his self and offered to give me a ride home (in his beloved black Porshe Cayenne)since my place was literally around the corner. We exchanged numbers he told me he wanted me in a sexual way which i obliged being that i had only just met him. Phil and I contacted each other on and off maybe every 6 mths or so. He seemed like a gentleman, very generous as when out. for the most part he was nice to me once i was able to get over his extreme no it all attitude and sarcasm which i just chopped up as how were. Phil took me on several dates sometimes I brought my close female cousins which he always loved. He met 3 of my close cousins. At this point I've been knowing Phil for 8 years. I reached out to him with a Hi hope all is well text which we did from time to time. I hadn't seen him in about 3-4 years now since he had up and moved to San Francisco California (Dublin/Pleasanton to be exact)... Phil invited me out to Cali when he called me early one morning 7:00 EST so 4 PST, he stated to me the sooner the better i needed to come see him. He thought I needed a vacation which i agreed however with work and kids and never could find the time or money in my case to up and travel. Phil opted in to pay for my flight and make sure i had a great time while in California. 2 days before the trip he called and stated that his friend Jeremy was also coming into town from Atlanta (StockBridge) GA. So we could all hang out and have a great time. I was very eager and excited to go being that anytime i hung out with Phil it was always a great time. So i arrive to California and here is when I quickly find out i had made a big mistake someone who i considered a friend i didn't know at all. He wasn't waiting for me at the airport so i had to take a Uber from San Fran to Dublin /Oakland. Once there Phil came out to meet me at Mcnamara Steak and Seafood restaurant. When he came out I saw a look on his face that was not welcoming, I had to take my own bags to the car myself. Once at his car (Silver Mercedes Benz) he stopped me and with stern almost threatening voice He proceeded to tell me that he usually do not bring females from Atlanta anywhere and i should be glad, grateful and appreciative. He told me I better not come with any Atlanta drama because he was bringing me around some close friends as well as his neighbors so i had to make sure i am professional at all times. His eyes were piercing and i was almost frighten by this. I had never seen this before, when i went to speak he told me to be quiet don't speak don't think just let him handle everything. I was totally surprised and quickly realized I had made a big mistake by coming on this trip. When i got to the table i was greeted by his friend Jeremy (nice guy) with a hug and handshake with everyone else. Terri his neighbor and her wife cant recall his name. We had an extravagant dinner with Phil ordering for everyone, which is his thing he's always ordered for me when out so no biggie. We had Lobster, oysters, Lamb racks, pumpkin cheesecakes and brule' several bottles of Don Perignon and Caymus. Everyone was having a great time laughing, eating and talking Phil continued to order bottles of Don and Caymus more food and dessert while belittling his neighbors as well as the servers under his breath. Terri and I went to the ladies room she talked about how generous Phil stated she wasn't comfortable with it, i told her that's how he is when it comes to eating and having a great time. Terri and i exchanged numbers probably in a fun friendly way at the table i didn't bring my phone to the bathroom. When we got back we ate a bit more then He finally asked for the bill and we all agreed to go one more place for Tequilla. Til the waiter said his last name I have never knew what it was. Mr. Adams thank you said the waiter. We went across the street to a bar that was closed but opened up for us, we had a shot of tequila that is intended for sipping only. Once I got back in the car all hell broke loose. He called me a bitch and a hoe and said he didn't know why he invited me out. I asked him what had i done what was the problem and why would he say something like that to and about me. I honestly think he wanted Terri and her husband was in the way being that he had pretty much flirted with her the entire night. We pulled up to a gated community in Dublin, he then told me to get out the car his friend Jeremy who was also in the car got out as well. He started back calling me bitches and then grabbed me hard i started to cry i was so scared and did not know what was going on. I looked to his friend who also looked frightened and pleaded with him to help me. He lowly said Phil don't do her like that, Phil then said something to him and the garage went up when i looked back around Jeremy had quickly gone inside and the garage door was closing behind him. Phil barked at me to get back in the car, i asked him what had I'd done and why was he doing this to me, this was his idea for me to come out not mine. He said that i was a stupid bitch and he should fuck me up he said he could brutally beat me and i was lucky he don't bloody my face. I stopped talking bc i didnt want him to hurt me, he pulled off and pulled in to a Shell station where he got out opened my door and threw me out the car, he threw my bags out and threw $280 to me. I stood there stunned what was happening to me, i felt so many emotions but thought everything was my fault for trusting. I quickly called my cousins terrified and crying uncontrollably. A nice couple stopped me at first i was so scared bc i had never been here before i didn't know what to do who to trust. They offered to take me to the airport i think they seen everything that had happened. By the time i was pulling up at the airport my cousin was calling me back. My cousin had a friend who lived in Dublin so they picked me up at the airport and i stayed the night at their place. I remembered i had Terri's number so i called her which she didn't answer but called me back the very next morning, i told her what happened although she was very sorry what had happened it seem like she didn't believe me she stated that it didn't sound like Phil that's not the person he is. I told her i felt the same way but it happened just how i said. She stated that she would take me to the airport if needed in the meantime she would call him to ask what happened. I also tried to call him i txt him as well telling him i was so embarrassed and humiliated and i thought he was my friend, i asked him what had i'd done for him to out of the blue flip on me and leave me stranded on the side of the street in Oakland CA. He never responded to the questions. Hrs later he called me back and told me to never contact his friends again and told me he could have seriously hurt me last night he said as Jeremy is his witness he could have done something to me very bad. He then said he had no time to talk bc he was handling important bus but would contact me back about a flight. He contacted me back with flight details he wished me good luck i promised to never ever contact him again. I am going to the police here in Atlanta but i am just so lucky to have made it home safe, i could have hurt badly or dead by this man. I seriously think he has a mental issues something is wrong with this guy. I am not surprised that he is on this site and more women just like me have been a victim of his I' am very lucky to be grateful to God that I am alive today. I've been researching about him since i came back home and can't find anything but jail records and scam reports on him. He is a crazy man who prey on all types of women he is scary and very dangerous. He lures you in with his fancy talking and his high taste. He told me when i met him he was a Harvard Grad however never told me what he did. LIke i said i didn't know his last name until the bill came. I knew he left Atlanta /Alpharetta for some reason other than him following Andrew and Amirah his kids. He got into a domestic issue back in 2014 which until my trip is the last time i saw him. I'm sure there are so many woman out there who have been victimized in someway by this man. He is a sick horrible person. final He's been had the same phone number since i met him 404-849-4491 i've googled inetsolutions unable to find anything. I will be investigating and making the public in Ga as well as California know about him. I am taking out a restraining order as well because now i am fearful for my life. He knows my name and city i live in.

Contact information:
Author: Mo2004

Offender: Randolph Phillip Adams 404-849-4491

Country: USA   State: California   County: Alamida   City: Dublin/ Alpharetta Ga Fulton county
Address: Jones bridge Rd
Phone: 4048494491
Site: inet solutions

Category: Miscellaneous


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